martedì 22 luglio 2014

An outfit per day: The bride's mum

Hello friends!
Today I want to talk you about an outfit I composed and that I think would be perfect for the mum of a Bride for the day in which her daughter will become a Mrs.  Look down:

A closer look the dress:

Ok,I admit: I have a weakness for Dolce&Gabbana! I love the style and every single piece of this maison,their products are simply works of art, masterpieces of fashion! It's impossible not to adore them!
In particular,this dress is fabulous! So ladylike,courtly,sophisticated,dainty, other words: perfect!

You can accessorize it with a pair of really elegant sunglasses (The best pair of sunglasses I've ever seen) ever by Dolce&Gabbana: the DG 4180 Color: 656/6G

Then I chose a pair of Dolce&Gabbana shoes: the "Kate" Décolleté in Black patent leather. I think It's really chic to combine this classical and romantic dress with a pair of shoes that are notable and elegant (the black patent leather is an evergreen!) but modern and sensual at the same time...Don't you think so? Of course you're not the bride...but that doesn't mean you mustn't be noticed for your class and for your tasteful wardrobe! ;) 

To conclude: the gorgeous black patent leather pochette "YSL monogramme" by Saint Lauren! I love it!!!

Bye for now,my dear friends! I hope you'll enjoy this post! xxx       Sophie

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