lunedì 14 luglio 2014

An Outfit per day: Casual look for an evening in Capri

Today I want to suggest you an outfit that is trendy,low cost and really chattered too! 
It immediatley became famous after Michelle Obama decided to wear it for the reelection of her husband as President of the United States of America. 


Honestly I don't think I would have worn it in that formal occasion but this dress could be the perfect choice if you are on holiday with friends in Capri or Portofino and if you are going for a walk through the warm and characteristic streets of the town.
It's also the ideal dress for a sail in the emerald Mediterranean Sea.
I'm talking about the "Midi Dress" by Asos,as low cost as chic dress.
It's 96% Cotton and 4% Elastane. 


You can combine it with this pair of sandals by Timberland:

originally sold for 80€ but now reduced to 56€ and till available on the official web site:

And to complete our outfit,add the "Caste Hill Leather Small Shopper bag" again by Timberland:
You can buy it online for just 62,00 € !

Bye for now,my dear friends! x

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