venerdì 1 agosto 2014

An outfit per day: Dinner in Capri on a warm night of September

Hey Friends?
Today It's August 1st but in my city It's raining since Yesterday! So the weather is not so hot as we expected and It reminds me the first days of September.
But I can't help thinking to summer places too! So, I thought to this look: perfect for a Dinner in a coastal place (like Capri!) on a warm September night!
My outfit is almost tottally by Blumarine:
First of all, a cardigan (It's September and It could also rain!): useful,practical but estival (for its colors).

It's by Blumarine and It was sold for 843.00 € but now reduced to 421.50€. You can buy it here:

Under the cardigan a simple camisole with the same print:

It's still available on the official website and It's on sale too (from 372.00 € to 186.00€) :

Then,again by Blumarine, a pair of Jeans (Fabric:Drill) with Macrame' applications:

The color reminds the Summer that is ending while the model (these are "Capri" trousers...which model could be better for a night out in that island?!?) is right for this kind of weather.
And then the Macrame' detail makes it a really chic pair of jeans!
Another look at the outfit: 

Very nice! (the belt in the photo is by Blumarine too but I don't like it so much).
You can complete the look with the "URSULA 100" by Charlotte Olympia:

Finally,you can complete the outfit with a bag that is a bit extravagant but really appropriate to this marine environment,really chic and fashionable:
The Shell Shocked Swarovski crystal-embellished brass clutch by Charlotte Olympia:

It's available on :  You can buy it for 1.035 from 1.725,00 (40% off).

So...enjoy your dinner in Capri,my Friends!      Sophie xxx 

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