domenica 10 agosto 2014

Once Upon A Time...Cindarella and Christian Louboutin

"A dream is a wish your heart makes"
Who has never dreamed at least one to be a Cindarella?
In 2012,shoes designer Christian Louboutin was invited by Disney to collaborate with them to the realization of an iconic shoe to commemorate the worldwide release of "Cindarella Diamond Edition" in DVD and Blu-ray.
This is how the talentuous designer imagined the very famous glass slipper:

And this is the final realization of it:

They're characterized by delicate white lace uppers embellished with twinkling Swarovski crystals and two sparkling butterlies (again in Swarovski crystals):

All enriched by the inevitable red sole, indelible mark of the maison :

“Her character and her story dictated the design to me,” explained Louboutin in a release. “It was all there in the pages and the words of this tale. The slipper is the magic wand of transformation which conjures confidence, beauty and love.”

These Slippers are wonderful,simply perfect! And having them would be "a wish which comes true"!
But unfortunately the Cindarella heels are not available to buy,so it will remain just a dream that will never become reality... .
Life is not always like a fairy tale...
Bye my friends, I hope all your dreams to become true on day! Love you all,Sophie xxx

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