lunedì 1 settembre 2014

Venice Film Festival Day 3 and 4

Look at this red carpet of day 3 and 4:
Anna Mouglalis in Chanel - "Il giovane Favoloso" photocall

"Il Giovane Favoloso" is a Film about the life and story of great Italian poet "Giacomo Leopardi" (played by Italian actor Elio Germano)... I can't wait to see it at the cinema!

Charlotte Gainsbourg in Louis Vuitton - Nymphomaniac 2 photocall :

Francesc McDormand- Persol Tribute to visionary talent award 2014

Charlotte Gainsbourg in Louis Vuitton- "3 Coeurs" Premiere

Catherine Deneuve in Jean Paul Gaultier- "3 Coeur" Premiere

OMG...What is that?!? O.O

Chiara Mastroianni in Christian Dior

Giorgia Sinicorni in Vionnet - "3 Coeurs" Premiere

Charlotte Gainsbourg in Anthony Vaccarello

Catherine Deneuve in Prada - "3 Coeurs" Photocall

Uma Thurman in Jenny Packham - Vanity Fair and Chopard Party

WOW! Amazing dress and amazing woman!

Maria Grazia Cucinotta in Maria Grazia Severi

I can't understand why the actress chose this "forties" look but... It works! I like it very much!

Eliana Miglio in Blumarine


Alba Rohrwacher in  Valentino Haute Couture - "Hungry Hearts" red carpet

Paola Cortellesi- "Hungry Hearts" premiere

Sarah Felberbaum in Alberta Ferretti (remember : #albertalovesvenice )

Cristiana Capotondi in Marni - "Hungry Hearts" Red Carpet

Alessandra Martines in Versace

Really Attractive!

Mia Moretti in Alberta Ferretti - "Hungry Hearts" Premiere


This outfit is simply perfect...I love it! *.*

Lorena Bianchetti

Caterina Murino in Dolce&Gabbana

I can't describe how much beautiful this dress is! Unfortunately this pair of shoes doesn't emphasize its preciousness...

Elena Sofia Ricci :

She looks like She was taken out of a Botticelli painting!

Eleonora Abbagnato (Etoile at Opéra Garnier in Paris) in Genny

Madalina Ghenea in Alberta Ferretti - "Hungry Hearts" premiere

Alba Rohrwacher in Louis Vuitton

Marianna Di Martino in Luigi Borbone (jacket) and Sarli (Skirt)

Quirky,whimsical look...well done Marianna! This is what we expect from a Red Carpet!

Zahra Hindi in Alberta Ferretti

Not bad but...a bit too anonymous for a Film Festival (maybe It's more appropriate for a confirmation!)

Camila and Lucila Sola (Al Pacino's Girlfriend and her daughter) in Dolce&Gabbana

Nice but.... nothing new...a bit obvious...Don't you think so?

Vittoria Puccini in Valentino - "A life in picture show" by Douglas Kirkland

OK: I love Valentino and each of its dresses...

Luisa Ranieri (Our Godmother!) in Valentino

It's Summer...where is the color? It's a nice dress...maybe better for a funeral

Isabella Ferrari in Giorgio Armani:

At long last a bit of sensuality...thanks Isabella!

Maria Grazia Cucinotta in Maria Grazia Severi :

Nicoletta Romanoff

Alessandra Mastronardi:

Nice...nothing more.

Matilde Gioli in Valentino

Thanks again Valentino: you always save my expectations !

Randi Ingerman

Was She coming from the baptism of her nephew? Too bon-ton,inadequate for a red carpet.

Nathalie Rapti Gomez in Emilio Pucci

So particular,so intricate,with a lot of embroidered details...special dress,very special dress.

Sveva Alviti

Tiziana Rocca

Lucila Sola- "The Humbling" premiere

Camila Sola in Alberta Ferretti -"Th Humbling" premiere :

Lucila and Camila are the Queen and the Princess of this Festival!

Morian Atias in Emilio Pucci

(A sexy Goddess!)

Linda Santaguida

Alessia Fabiani

Ginevra Elkann

Constance Jablonski in Alberta Ferretti

I'm going to cry: I want this dress!!!

Crisula Stafida

Gaia and Maria Luisa Trussardi in Trussardi

Grata Scarano - "Senza nessuna pietà" Photocall :

Electic blue is always one of my favourite colors.

What do you think of these outfits? Do you like this Venice Film Festival Edition?
Love you all,Sophie xxx

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